STRENGTH CLASSES.  Held at Mt. Gretna Fire Hall, Cornwall Manor, and Alden Place (private class for residents). Click on the Schedule link, above, for more information about times, locations, and cost.  

SPRING HIIT (INTERVALS) -- BUT WITH A NEW FORMAT!  Saturdays, 8:15am, OUTSIDE (in Mt. Gretna; contact Janice for directions).  April 14, 21, 28 & May 5.  Join a fantastic group of folks to work all areas of your body!  Bouts of high intensity moves (cardio, strength, balance, core) interspersed with short but active breaks.  This workout is efficient (about 30 minutes) because you work in your "hard" to "very hard" range.  Here's the twist:  it's all low impact!  No crazy star jacks!  The intensity and speed of the moves is what's key.  Oh, we sweat and laugh, a lot, too.  Class go-ers will be getting up and down from the ground a lot, so please bring a yoga mat, light hand weights (3-5#), and water.  Contact Janice for payment details.

Email janicehallbalmer@msn.com for details and to register


You've got one body - whether you're 6 or 86, you've got to use it so you don't lose it.  Whether you work out with Janice privately, or drop in to a class, you'll find that having fun and sweating CAN go together.   GretnaMOVES includes folks who want to live a full life--for themselves, and so our community is strong.  As a group, we regularly donate resources to support our neighbors.

​​Certified Personal & Group Trainer Janice Balmer is the owner of GretnaMoves, a wellness company based in Mt. Gretna, PA.