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Janice Balmer is the owner of GretnaMoves. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Science and an undergraduate degree in English. After 10 years in the technology field as a business development director, she transitioned into the health and wellness field. She is a Certified Group and Personal Trainer via the American Council on Exercise and an active member of IDEA. Janice is an active contributor to various local organizations, including the Community Health Council of Lebanon; Better Together Lebanon; among others. Regular newsletters are emailed to clients to inform and inspire.

Health and wellness are vast topics, encompassing everything from exercise to social connectedness, and even the effect of environment on a person’s health status. Janice is passionate about helping people achieve wellness, so in addition to teaching fitness, she also offers health consulting services. Janice’s business and management history, along with her health education and fitness experience, support her efforts. Eager to share information, Janice has lectured on topics including childhood obesity and behavior change. She has led classes on how to incorporate health and wellness into the family unit. In addition, Janice has created an 8 part interactive lecture series based on the 8 Dimensions of Health  

Health promotion is an important aspect of Janice’s mission. Janice works with the Community Health Council of Lebanon County (CHC) supporting various programs. CUE is a health promotion tool that she co-created with the CHC to harness the power of social media to better publicize Lebanon County health opportunities. To learn more, and to “get in the know,” join CUE

For more information, or if your company or organization is interested in having Janice design/lead a health program, email