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Personal Training - Numerous studies have proven that working with a trainer can help you attain fitness goals; accountability is KEY. But Janice believes exercise needs to be enjoyable, too! Workouts are different each time -- to keep you engaged. Goals might include weight loss; increasing strength and endurance; and improving balance and posture. Individual sessions available in 30 and 60 minute increments at Janice's home gym. Training at your location possible for added travel fee. Remote (Zoom), on-demand (pre-recorded), and customized paper training plans are available so that anyone, regardless of location or schedule, can benefit from an organized workout. 
GENTLE STRENGTH & WELLNESS - A 45 minutes workout for the active Senior, and anyone who wants to move more! The exercises help participants increase muscular endurance, core strength, and balance so that everyday activities of living can be accomplished more easily. Class is typically at Cornwall Manor in the basement of Zerr Chapel. Participants do not need to be a resident to attend. Class is appropriate for all--chairs can be used as necessary and exercises adapted. 
Community Strength and Wellness for Active Women - An hour-long class designed for women age 50-90. Class is a full-body workout and includes strength, cardio, balance, and core exercises. Sometimes there might be a brain game or some other goofy activity to keep you sharp and engaged. Participants should bring a yoga mat, light hand weights (3-5#), and water. This class is typically offered on Tuesdays at the Mt. Gretna Fire Hall.

Group Fitness Classes

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