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GretnaMoves is a wellness company headquartered in Mt. Gretna, PA.  Janice Balmer is the owner and primary instructor.  Janice conducts personal and small group training sessions and teaches various classes. Janice is passionate about helping people achieve wellness: feeling your best, having your body and spirit support all that you want to do.  Having grown up overweight, she lost 50 pounds in her early 20s and has maintained a healthy weight through two pregnancies.  She "gets" how life is full of challenges-- exercise needs to be focused around real goals:  losing baby or post-menopausal weight; staving off signs of osteoporosis; increasing core strength and balance to play a better tennis or golf game.  People who take Janice's classes and/or use her for personal training quickly learn that while you may be sweating, you will also be smiling.  Janice holds a Master's of Health Science degree, is a Certified Group and Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and an active member of IDEA.  She is an active contributor to the Community Health Council of Lebanon County; Better Together Lebanon; and other local groups.  Monthly newsletters are emailed to clients to inform and inspire.  Check out a few Client Spotlights:

John and Elaine: "Although I (John) nicknamed Janice "Natasha" for pushing me to my limits, she has a great sense of arranging a new routine every week and encourages us to reach further all of the time. Her program has made a big difference in how much better (we) feel every day."

​​Melissa, a class-goer and personal training client: "Once I started going to Janice's classes in Mt. Gretna, I was immediately impressed with her energy and the group's collective enthusiasm.  I realized I was having FUN exercising!  Janice motivated me to reach higher levels of fitness in spite of several physical ailments."

​​Kim, a small-group training client: "A few years ago a friend asked if I would do a mud run.  Janice was our coach.  I realized what a fantastic trainer Janice is. I was having fun and working out at the same time! Since then, I have done a number of different kinds of training and classes with Janice, and continued to work with her during and after my first pregnancy. Janice's enthusiasm and positive attitude are the other reasons why this approach to exercise works for me."